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A Long Way Down

by Nick Hornby

Billed as his best novel to date, I was keen to give it a try, despite not being a Hornby fan. The idea appealed- 4 strangers who meet when intending to commit suicide from the top of a building in London. They persuade each other down and the book deals with what ensues. Which is: not a lot. Various false starts lead you towards potential plot developments, but eventually you realise there is no plot. I didn't expect resolution with the subject matter- that would be trite, but at least some narrartive structure to hold it together would have been nice.
My main problem though, was the poorly developed characters. They each tell the story in the first person but unfortunately none of them ring true. It is clear Hornby has never met anyone like the people he is trying to portray, particularly the characters of Jess and Maureen and his JJ is clearly an extension of himself, following on from the main character in High Fidelity. Also a dreadful book, in my opinion.
In summation, a very badly written, poorly structured and ill-conceived piece of work.

Suggested by Saffron, London

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i think this book is very dull

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