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The Other Boleyn Girl

by Phillipa Gregory

A wonderful historical novel that brings the people and intrigues of the Tudor court to life.The characters feel real and there is nailbiting suspense in waiting to see whose downfall is being plotted next!

Suggested by Rosemary Ryan, Manchester

Tagged with: absorbing enjoyable exciting fantastic riveting



I loved this book and so did every-one in my Reading Group. Phillipa Gregory really brought the Tudthe Tudor Period back to life
i really enjoyed this book. i love historical books and this one was very well written .
I agree with Sue, I think sometimes people have a negative veiw of historical novels because they are fiction, but Phillipa Gregory, like other historical novel authors does a huge ammount of research before she writes a novel. Reading them does make you thirsty for knowledge about the era. I too read all her other novels after this and found them hard to put down.
I really enjoyed this book-it made we want to learn more about Tudor times. Until this book I really did not read historical novels I have since read most of this author's books and gone on to find other historical novelists that I enjoy.

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