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Kite Runner

by Khaled Hosseini

The story has everything love, loyalty, betrayal, honour, guilt, sacrifice, and a few surprisestwists in the plot that compel you to continue reading. In my opinion these are the ingredients for a good book, but mixed togther by a skilful author they produce a fantastic read. I was quite surprised by the emotions it awakened and could be sad one minute, ranting the next, or sharing parts of the story with anybody who would listen just to convey my depth of feeling!

The back drop for the story is 1970s Afghanistan, and it was a real treat to find out about the country and its people through the eyes of the author who grew up there.

Suggested by Allison, Southampton

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One of the Books on my list of books to read bought an old copy from a secon-hand book store and will try and read on my holiday this summer
I choose to read this book because I enjoyed another book written by the same author ( A thousand splendid suns), Khaled Hosseini. He took two little boys and wove a plot around them that was believable.
I wouldn't have read this if a friend hadn't encouraged me. I was captivted from the beginning and couldn't put it down. It was an evocative and enthralling read.
My next door neighbour loaned me this book, it didn't look like my kind of thing, I glanced at the first page meaning to read it later and 3 hours later was still reading...I just had to finish it. Alison has covered everything, this book takes you by surprise and is enthralling.

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