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Arthur George

by Julian Barnes

This book is drawn from real historical characters, the most well known of which is Arthur Conan-Doyle. Julian Barnes leads us through a story of the main characters separate lives and uses his brilliant storytelling ability to flesh out historical facts into a fascinating story which seems like real life but is better because he give the characters voices, thoughts and opinions. We learn of Conan-Doyle's upbringing, his initial reasons for writing Sherlock Holmes and the web of his life away from his famous detective. We also hear the story of George, the son of a vicar brought up in a Stafforshire village. We see George growing up and discover what happens to him and his family in the hands of the British justice system.
Arthur and George's lives are set to come together in the conclusion of this compelling book.

Suggested by Beverley, Brighton Hove

Tagged with: compelling

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