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The map of love

by Ahdaf Souief

In New York, in 1997, Isabel discovers an old trunk full of documents--some in English, some in Arabic--in her dying mother's apartment. Together with Amal, the sister of a man she is starting to fall in love with, she starts to uncover the stories embedded in the journal of Lady Anna Winterbourne who travels to Egypt in 1900 and falls in love with Sharif Pasha al- Barudi, an Egyptian Nationalist and the unsuspected connections between their own families. Rich with historical detail about British colonialism, Egyptian nationalism, the clash of cultures in the Middle East in 1900 and the present day, the different narratives of The Map of Love weave a subtle, and reflective, tale of love across culture and conflict. I found this a fascinating book,a wonderful love story, more than an engrossing holiday read, and a little reminiscent of Isabelle Allende

Suggested by Hazel, Devon

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