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House of Leaves

by Mark Z. Danielewski

Fractured, odd, broken - when you leaf through this you may think it looks unreadable. But the way its written is locked right in to the plot - and adds to it. It's a really dark, subtle piece that will worm its way into your memory. It's very long, but very short. You can pick it up and read a bit now and then, that works, but you won't be able to. You will just have to explore a little further, go a little deeper into the dark to see what is there.

Suggested by Anna, London

Tagged with: boring, compulsive entertaining frustrating



This was completely unreadable. I'm not sure what the author was trying to achieve but he didn't achieve it. I very rarely give up on any book, even if I don't massively enjoy it, but this was an exception!
Excellent post-postmodern horror. Prepare for odd looks from anyone watching as you turn it every which way to follow the winding text. (See the internet for the many coded messages buried in the maze of footnotes)
Matt, Plymouth

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