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The Bookseller of Kabul

by Asne Seirstad

This is an extremely fascinating and enlightening read about life in Afghanistan before, during and after the Taliban and Sept. 11th. It gives a real insight into what it is like to be a disaffected, uneducated and bored young man. The male dominates, but the male head of the household holds complete sway over all, including adult sons, and above all over the females; wives, mother, daughters. I was initiated in a very real way into what it feels like to be inside a burka; virtually to become a burka and no longer visibly human. A profoundly sad book.

Suggested by Susan Burgess, Paignton

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I didn't find it sad really as the women found a way as women usually do - burka or no! I really liked the book and would recommend it as a good read.
great read, sad about death in name of pride , but occasionly happens. good read - go get.
f patel
Fascinating and enlightening are the very words I would have chosen too. "The burkas" going shopping, and the women at the bathhouse, momentarily free, are the most memorable scenes. A worthwhile read.
Rona, Bedfordshire

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