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My Sister's Keeper


Jodi Piccoult never disappoints. Great stories. Great endings. Great books.

Suggested by Val Thomson, Tyne Wear

Tagged with: captivating heartbreaking provoking, spellbound thought



Having just cried my eyes out through the film, I'm a little wary about reading this book. The story is heartbreakingly sad but very realistic and well told. I'm up to chapter 6 so far but I think there might be times further through it that I'll have to put it down for a while. This could happen to any parent, that's the reason it's so hard to read. I'm the same as Kathleen though, I'll probably start reading some of Jodi Picoult's other books now too.
Gillian Downs
I read this a couple of years ago after it had been reccomended to me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cried ot the end and spoke out loud on several occassions as I could not understand the mother in this at all! Well worth a read, it will probably start yu reading her other thought provoking novels as well, it did me!
Kathleen Wayman

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