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Until The Sun Falls

by Cecelia Holland

This is a lively, well researched novel about the Mongol invasion of Russia and Eastern Europe in 1236. Based on historical fact, the author weaves a beautifully written tale of a fictional family's involvement in the warfare of the time. Many of the historical characters appear well rounded, believable, and in some cases really likeable, in spite of the span of time that has elapsed, and the subject of the plot. The distances encompassed within the story are vast, the magnitude of the events, enormous, and the effect upon western civilisation is still recognised today.
I picked the book up purely by chance, and was completely taken over by it. It became one of my favourites, and has remained on top of my list ever since I first read it in the mid-80's.

Suggested by Jaci Beaven, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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