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by C.J. Sansom

It's a crime novel set in the London of Henry VIII. I don't usually read historical novels, but I have been bowled over by the setting, the characterisation, the description, the historical detail, not to mention the twists and turns of the plot!
The central character is a lawyer, employed by Thomas Cromwell, who is caught up in the political machinations surrounding the dissolution of the monasteries.
Excellent writing!

Suggested by Liz, Ipswich

Tagged with: atmospheric brilliant cripping densely-packed fascinating gripping mesmerising, thrilling vivid



Absolutely gripping - like being taken back in time ,sights, sounds ,smells and plots that simply won't let you put the book down. Each one seems to improve on the last, if that were possible.
I actually started the series by reading Sovereign first and enjoyed it so much then started at the beginning. These books are really excellent and very well written and researched.
Lynne Jeffreys
I live in hope there will be a fifth in the series, as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the previous four. The writing is, quite simply, brilliant. Sansom hooks you from the first page through to the last. I don't believe I have ever enjoyed a series of books so much.
Sue, London
He simply gets better and better, with each new book - there are now four in the series, and ithe series is moving through the 1540s. The last, Revelation, covers the period just before the king's marriage to Catherine Parr, and includes the Seymour brothers .It is a fascinating and intricate insight into 1540s England, as well as being a complex puzzle.
Lesley, Worcestershire
First time I have read an historical novel and thoroughly enjoyed the book so much so that I am now in the process of reading the followup in the series"Dark Fire" (Matthew Shardlake 2)
This is the first historical fiction I've read and I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid descriptions of life during the dissolution, it wasn't hard to imagine the surroundings in this time period.
Night reader
I like historical fiction - but prefer to know that it is based on sound research, as this novel sertainly is. I learnt more about the time of the dissolution from this, than I have from the 'history books', & found it very enjoyable.
Chris, London

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