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Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

by Suzanna Clarke

About a quarter of the way into this 1000 page book. Had no previous knowledge of what it was about, other than that I had heard of the title. Really enjoying reading it - it reminds me a bit of the fairytales that I read as a child. It is about magicians and is set in the early 1800s. So far I have met Mr Norrell, but not been fully introduced to Jonathan Strange. Very optimistic that this will be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Suggested by Lindsey, Bracknell

Tagged with: absorbing fascinating other-wordly perfect tedious

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i think it good
One of the most wonderful and absorbing books I have read in a long-time. The carefully dated language, excellent characterisation and panoramic sweep of the story are quite unique. Describes an alternative history so convincingly that I almost believed it was true.
Too long and over written, one of the most tedious things I've ploughed through in a long time

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