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Stuart a life backwards

by Alexander Masters

The concept of the way the story is written is the main attraction to wanting to read the book. Personally I'm not a fan of biographies, I like books to challenge my imagination and be outside the relm of possibility. However, the brutal honesty and insight to the lives of the homeless works on the level of challenging my imagination. The fact that the biography isn't written about some wrongly famed celebrity is another attractive quality of the book, as I would much rather read about an man who has turned himself around to create a positive life, an inspiration as opposed to the declining morals of an ex glamour model.

Suggested by Abbey, Uk

Tagged with: boring depressing good incorrect politically



It's a good book, the idea of starting from the end and working it's way to the start is a brilliant idea, don't know many books that have this concept I would like to find more books like this
Good book. Thought it would be dark and depressing but the writer spaces it out with a bit of light humour. The narrative may seem a bit complex but the writer writes it in a way that makes sense as it doesn't make you stop and think "what the hell is going on!". However i agree with most reviews when they say that at times it can get a little patronising. Overall though i recomend it to anyone.
I am not keen on this book although I have discussed it with many people and have considered different opinions. I find it unusual and the idea is interesting yet I don't like the way it's been written or the authors views. He could have written it in a more exciting manner and could have acknowledged the truth about society.

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