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Witches Abroad

by Terry Pratchett

Including this book might actually be cheating because the truth is, if you're self-concious about laughing out loud in public, particularly on public transport, then this is definitely not the book for you! However, if you'd like something witty and clever, with a wonderful twist on classic fairy tales then this is the book to travel with! To be honest I would recommend any Pratchett book for a trip but this one has an added bonus of having travel as a central theme, and I found that airplane flights literally ahem, "flew by", whilst reading about the Granny and Nanny's escapades abroad!

Suggested by Louise, Dublin

Tagged with: fab hilarious masterful



Louise and Alice gave a great recommendation. I love all the Pratchett books especially titles about The Watch and Sam Vines so hadn't read many about the witches but this was hilarious. I'll be looking for more of them now.
I have to agree with everything Louise has said this is my favourite book by Terry Pratchett it really is laugh out loud hailarious. The characters are loveable and the whole story has a familiar note to it, i think a must read book for anyone who likes to laugh!

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