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The diary of Miss Idilia

by Idilia Dubb

Worst Book Ever.

This is one of those 'lost diaries' that has been found and published, it claims to be genuine but I have my serious doubts because surely there cannot ever have been such a boring, unlikeable, stupid person as the 'heroine' of this book.

It's set in the 19th century so you would expect that the characters would behave and act in a certain manner but instead she embarks on the most incredibly ridiculous unbelievable far-fetched adventure a girl of that age could take. I could handle the utter preposterousness of the story if Idilia was at all likeable but despite the fact that every male character who sets eyes on her desires her, she's an odious spoiled brat.

The good news is that she dies in the end. You're told that from the beginning so that knowledge is the only thing that kept me going. When she dies, you're relived but not in a 'relieved-Heathcliff-is-dead' kind of way but in a 'ding-dong-the-witch-is-dead' kind of way. It's a horrible, gruesome death too. But she even ruins that with an epilogue that is just as bad as the diary is.

Suggested by Niamh, Ireland

Tagged with: preposterous



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