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Julie & Julia

by Julie Powell

I was expecting great things and I've been severely disappointed. The author has driven me to distraction with the tedious and bewildering details of her personal life, not to mention those of her friends. The long, complicated sentences (which I assume are supposed to be funny) just bore me. The central premise of the book - cooking her way through a classical french cookbook - is potentially fascinating, but her style and delivery just let it down badly.

Suggested by Ger Dunne, Mallow

Tagged with: hyper tedious



I quite agree and found her descriptions of the amount of food they were consuming and the detailed cooking methods just made me feel ill, which I'm sure wasn't the intention. This book was recommended to me and everyone else I know who has read it thought it was great and they all dashed off to see the film on the basis of the book. So far I haven't recommended it to anyone or seen the film. Need I say more.

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