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Time traveller's Wife

by Audrey Niffeneger

Very much a book aimed at women, which is fine. Also very hard to get into, which is also fine. The problem is that the author completely sidesteps the most interesting aspects of a great idea (the nature of causality, free will & predeterminism etc) in favour of melodrama - and an excessive obsession with miscarriage. Sorry, I know this is extraordinarily popular, but I just can't recommend this book

Suggested by Rob, Norwich

Tagged with: cykxyindzyy depressing heart-break romance



I try not to read really hyped up books because I feel it lacks a certain amount of imagination on my behalf. However, I happened to pick up somebody elses copy of this and couldn't stop reading it. Essentially it's a long drawn out love story, but written in a very classy way. I also give the author extra brownie points for making the main character a librarian that didn't fall into the usual stereotypes.
Catherine, Bristol

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