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IQ 83

by Arthur Herzog

Arthur Herzog doesn't receive enough praise for his writing.

I read IQ 83 years ago and still consider it to be his best work. For the record, IQ 83 is the IQ at which someone is officially classed as being an imbecile. A group of scientists all with IQ's above 137, produce a virus that inadvertently reduces a person's IQ. And you guessed it, the virus escapes within the experimental facility.

Herzog is enjoying an increase in popularity at the moment with most of his early novels being brought back into print, you must try:-
'The craving' - a weight reduction pill with a difference.
'Icetopia' - Communal living frozen in time.
'Earthsound' - Massive earthquakes in USA's most stable Eastern Seaboard State.

For a list of other titles available visit Hartlepool Borough Libraries, library OPAC at

Suggested by Kathy Shiel, Morpeth, Northumberland

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