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The Help

by Kathryn Stockett

Set in Mississippi just before the Civil Rights revolution, charts the lives of the black maids hired to look after children etc. It is a compelling read which explores the tensions and hardships of their lives.. But there's plenty of humour too. Haven't finished it yet but finding it hard to put down.

Suggested by Kate, London

Tagged with: bravery descriptive, dramatic evocative, gripping, human humility involving powerful provoking riveting thought totally worthwhile



This is a really good read which gives an insight into a period of American history not long past. Excellent well drawn characters set against a period of great upheavel in American history as they struggle to adapt to the changing times.
A great book, perhaps a womans's book, dont know if men would have the same debth of feelings for the book. The main charachters were real life and brilliant examples of strong women.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The fact that the author grew up within a family in the South gave weight to the authenticity of the language and the topic. It also further gave a voice to the female voice of the South, both black and white. Gripping yet harrowing I would thoroughly recommend this book
B A F.
This is a book that I just loved. I think that it has added impact as it is set in living history and people can remember the events of the time. One gets an insight into both black and white life and the characters in each group are real, warts and all.
I really enjoyed this book- the complex relationships between the large cast of characters is perfectly captured, and in particular the lives of the society women of Jackson. There are humorous pieces in the novel but this is storytelling at its best – the description of the Deep South, just before the Civil Rights movement took off and the conditions of the black servants are excellently described.
Alan King
I enjoyed this book because of the humour throughout. Having lived in the US for 11 years I can relate to the book very well. I loved the courage and humility of the characters and was mindful of Lee's 'To kill a Mocking Bird' and Monks 'The Secret Life of Bees'.
This is a fantastic read, gripping to the last page. Stockett's writing is evocative and her three main characters are wonderful fully-realised creations. The reader gets an insight into life for both blacks and whites at a very heated period in American history; the beginnings of the civil rights movement in the Deep South.

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