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Fleshmarket Close

by Ian Rankin

This is the first Ian Rankin book I've read, and to be honest, it'll be the last. Not a mad fan of crime fiction in the first place, I thought I'd give 'the best of the best' crime authors a go and was thoroughly disappointed.

The characters were dull and predictable, there were no clever twists and turns and the only thing that motivated me to the end of the novel is that silly feeling that once a book is started, it must be finished

Suggested by Judith, uk

Tagged with: dull moody

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As an avid reader of the Rebus novels, I have to refute the allegation of dullness! Apart from always having a strong plot, Ian Rankin uses his novels to throw a spotlight on social and political issues that concern everyone, particularly in Scotland. You won't get the shortbread tin image of Edinburgh here! This isn't generally reckoned to be Rankin's best. Why not give him another go? Black and Blue has enough pace and depth to keep anybody hooked. And if you fancy trying another Scottish author there's Christopher Brookmyre for thrillers with real punch and a strongly comic vein - which occasionally could almost be lifted straight from the Beano - or Aline Templeton has recently been recommended to me as quite traditional police procedurals which are really atmospheric and habit forming.

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