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The Call of Cthulhu and other stories

by H P Lovecraft

I will admit that a book about impossibly ancient, evil, cthonic beasties lurking in the shadows is an odd choice for a cosy, familiar book. I would also be the first ten people to say that Lovecaft's writing reflects every bit of his personality as a sickly, racist, reclusive, cat-loving Poe-worshipper with an overly-fervid imagination and literary pretentions. I would even add that you could probably play a drinking game based on Lovecraft's bizarre personal vocabulary 'Drink a shot whenever he writes 'eldritch'. Drink two shots whenever he writes 'squamous'.'.

Having said all this, there is something weirdly comforting about his stories. They have no objective other than to get the big scary monster in front of you; with no real human drama or ideas being involved, these are incredibly easy to read, and ideal when feeling stressed or tired or otherwise finding it hard to concentrate. The repetitive formula is rather soothing. And for all his faults, Lovecraft's stories, silly though they may be, are immensely atmospheric and spooky. Awful though they may be, there is something compulsive and comforting about them.

No! The hand at the window! It comes for me! The terrible hand...

Suggested by Sandy Buchanan, Buxton

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