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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

Okay, I am aware that this is a book that hardly wants for readers. However, what I am trying to here is to convince people, especially other men, to see this as something other than a fluffy romance.

Jane Austen was not a romantic. She did not write romantic books. She was sharp, vicious, satirical, worldly, wickedly observant and, above all, very funny. I did not expect a book written nearly two hundred years ago to make me laugh out loud, but this one did. No-one, not even the heroine Elizabeth Bennet, escapes the author's harsh judgements. This is wise, scathing and hilarious.

Okay, and a bit romantic too. But only a bit.

Suggested by Sandy, Buchanan

Tagged with: funny great satirical, sharp

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I too love this book. Every character brings something wonderful to the story.
I completely agree with Sandy, this book has more meaning attached to its words than many people perceive. I studied it at university, and found the issues raised by much of the irony, to be fascinating. Of course, Elizabeth is not spared any of the criticism by the narrator, which those with a keen eye will observe well.
I agree this book is wickedly observant and funny. I love the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and her father.The romanctic bit is wonderful.

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