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One for the money

by Janet Evanovich

This is the first in a crime series about a modern day bounty hunter called Stephanie Plum. It is an amusing, lighthearted read about Stephanie's exploits in trying to apprehend all manner of people who have missed their court appearances. With romance added in the form of a detective and an irristable serious bounty hunter!

Suggested by Hazel, Essex Libraries

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One of my all-time favourite series! Almost every page is laugh-out-loud funny and the characters, while cliched and exaggerated, are very likeable. A great, light read.
Jasper Mak
This is a brilliant series and they get funnier and funnier, Who wouldn't want a granny like grandma Mazur. Definitely not to be taken seriously.
if you want to smile and read at the same time then this is the book for you. Do not take it seriously just enjoy!
Scarborough Sue

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