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by Trudi Canavan

Although this series is classed a sTeenage in our library I really enjoyed them. It made such a change not to have any swearing etc. in them. By the time you got to the end you were ready and eager for the next. A more grown up Harry Potter.

Suggested by Sharon, Norfolk

Tagged with: boring exciting flowing, fun, slow starter



I have to agree with Lilian, this was an excellent book, well written, easy flowing. I'm sorry Emma found it dull. It's an extremely popular series in our library too. There are now 4 books written in the "trilogy", with the 4th book being a prequel. I can heartily recommend this book and author, not to be judged in the same light as Gemmell or Tolkien, but still very good.
Ben van Lit
Hi Emma, Can I just tell you, if you stick with it - this is part of a trilogy - it's well worth it. Particularly book 3 'The Hight Lord'. I work in a library and have seen readers come in looking for more of her stuff because they loved this series. Even readers who 'don't do' fantasy. Trust me, give it another try! Liz
Lilian Wolfe
I remember seeing this book advertised on the television and thought it sounded exciting. However once I actaully started reading it, I just lost interest. I got about 3 chapters in and just kept putting off reading it. I tried reading it from the start again a few months later and still lost interest. I've read many similar books about magic that have all held my attention to the point where I realise its 2am and i'm still reading, but this was just dull.
Emma, Birmingham

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