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Her Fearful Symmetry

by Audrey Niffenegger

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was a real page turner and I didn't want it to end.
The vivid descriptions and historical revelations of the setting of this novel, Highgate Cemetery, is extremely interesting. You not only visualise the scenery, but you almost feel that you are physically present.
As you read the novel and the story unravels, you personally pass through a roller coaster of emotions with all of the characters and their situations. The plot twists and turns throughout the narrative and as a reader you become slightly disorientated, but entwined in the story so much that you are compelled to read on until the exciting, unexpected, conclusion.
When I visit London again I will definitely visit Highgate Cemetery even though I feel I almost know it.

Suggested by Sue 'Joy of Reading', Cheshire

Tagged with: disappointing exciting finish ghostly good riveting start, surreal thriller



I agree with the above comments. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and descriptions of Highgate cemetry and felt compelled to keep reading (nearly missing my train station on several occasions!) but the ending was really bizarre. I was left feeling confused and a little disappointed and desperate to find out what other fellow readers had felt so it's great to discover this website. Like Kay I was left with loads of question such as how on earth did Elspeth continue to live in Valentina's body if for example she needed to see a doctor or something but actually she is registered dead! I also felt really disappointed in Elspeths character I hadn't thought she could be so vicious! You really have to suspend your disbelief for this one and just glory in the surreal and a cracking good story!
Emma Goddard
Hi, I really loved the first two-thirds and yes will definitely visit Highgate Cemetery. It was engaging and the characters were great. Unfortunately the last section is pretty off the wall and disappointing - the more I think about the ending the worse I think it is.
I only just finished reading this today and so am still in reflective mode. Does anyone think Elspeth planned all along to take over Valentina's body? How did Valentina feel? She didn't appear to mind being a ghost in the cemetary. I have been left wondering what happended to Robert as he just disappears in the end leaving this thesis.
Kay Williams

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