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Larry's Party

by Carol Shields

Oh, come off it - how on earth did this book win the Orange Prize in 1998! I'm sorry but I found this book not only tedious and uneventful, but utterly dreary and the tone monotonous. Not one to be beaten I laboured on and read this book to the bitter end, hoping it would redeem itself. Sorry but I didn't get it... an obssession with mazes, and two failed marriages that just seemed to pass Larry by... Larry's Party was more like Larry's Wake!

Suggested by Sue B, Powys

Tagged with: boring feel-good intriguing, ztldcmqypb



I loved the book! The story about the man who is a real looser - the most boring man in the universe - but developes in to a really successful person because of his obssession with mazes. A great story!
Astrid, Sweden

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