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The Lost Symbol

by dan brown

It's a new edition of the Da Vinci Code, without much more intesting material!!

Suggested by sara, England

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Really?? The Da vinci code was a rehash of Angels & demons, why expect anything less with this next installment. Although I agree that Brown is writing knowing that the franchise is a multi-format series now. Brown has always been formulaic, even his other 'non'-Langston novels use the same story framework. That being said, he does write good pager turners that usually keep you reading til the end, maybe he had a bad day with this one.
I felt it was written with conversion to film in mind no where near as good as his others - yes he may now be sticking to a format.
Poor imitation of a good book. Da Vinci code made lots of money so he keeps to the same formula but it really isn't working for me anymore.
i don't know whether i was a different person when i read the Da Vinci Code, or if Brown totally lost it. I disliked the Lost Symbol SO much! i really struggled not to put it down, just so as to be able to really know why i think it's bad. All the characters seem dumb, or denying obvious facts. women have awful, self-evident lines. Some meet an horrendous end, especially because they are described in more than one occasion as plump: pudgy! that's what he says.

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