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The Road Home

by Rose Tremain

I felt patronised by this book. I couldn't believe the plethora of great reviews on the back. Plus it won awards. Dull. Patronising. 'Quality lit' by numbers. A real dodo. Has really made me question my interest in contemporary British fiction. Forgive me if this seems overly negative but I think this book was the last straw for me. I really have lost faith in what is sold to us as 'good' or 'interesting' fiction.

Suggested by Paz, London, England

Tagged with: dull heartfelt.



I totally dissagree it was a brilliant book,i felt compassion for lev and he seemed very attractive,it made me think how lost and isolated some people must feel when they come to a new country,i thought the characters were very believable,and i wanted him to find a lovely woman...great book!!!!!!!!!
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