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The Time traveller's wife

by Audrey Niffenegger

This is a book that I can go back to time and again, because it is exciting and the relationship between the two main characters is so beautifully and sympathetically told.
The fantastic element - someone who travels forwards and backwards in time suddenly and involuntarily is very strange, but once you accept that element, the situations that he finds himself in are utterly believable and the characters are well drawn.
Since the story is about time travel, it cannot be told in chronological order, but the reader soon begins to identify with the characters and the story unfolds and the suspense builds up very cleverly. An utterly satisfying story

Suggested by Anon, manchester

Tagged with: absorbing contrived fascinating unconvincing,

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I have to say I totally disagree! I expected to love this book, I thought the premise of it was original and had the potential to be a really interesting read. However I didn't like this book at all. I didn't warm to either of the main characters. I found the romance unconvincing, the heroine seemed to fall in love with the hero simply because he appeared to her as a child and told her he was her future husband! The couple are together because they keep telling each other they will be together in the future! The fact that many of the love scenes were described using quite vulgar language also took away from the book.
This book is so different to any other I've read. Once I'd got to grips with the moving around in time element I found it a beautiful absorbing story with great characters. Not a book I'd have picked but was recommended to me by my daughter. Really enjoyable!
I totally agree! I admit I found it a little distracting the way it jumps around in time but as each section is headed about who is the narrator and what time it is, you quickly adjust. The book made me laugh and cry. It was a book that my Reading Group chose, so it was a book I would never have chosen for myself, but I loved it and recommend it to everyone I meet!

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