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Captain Corelli's mandolin

by Louis De Bernieres

I have tried and tried to read this. Chapter 3 is as far as I have ever reached. Didn't watch the film. Cannot read the book. Am I the only one?????

Suggested by E Bread, Bristol

Tagged with: boring captivating compelling moving overrated unreadable!



Me too, liked the bit about the pea tho
You don't know what you've missed if you give up on this wonderful book. It might seem a bit heavy to start but do stck with it, it's worth it.
I really loved this book. A beautiful and moving story about war and it's effects on everyday people. Couldn't stand the film though :/
I thought I was the only one! I never got past the first chapter so getting to chapter 3 is a feat. I have attempted to reread on many occaisions but have now accepted defeat.
Sam Joyes
I did'nt get further than the pea. Bored bored bored. You are not alone...
katie callow
I've not even made it to Chapter 3. It sits on my bookcase awaiting the day when I'm in the mood - will it ever happen. Relieved am not the only one.
Northern Reader

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