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The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

by Sophie Kinsella

I love the whole Shopaholic series of books by Sophie Kinsella but I have a special affection for this first one in the series. They are a similar style to the Bridget Jones books but I feel they are much funnier, much more entertaining and don't have the hype surrounding them!! It's a perfect read for when you want to relax, be entertained and have a giggle and forget about your own cares for a while.

Suggested by Billie, Leeds

Tagged with: amusing chirpy fun funny funny, hilarious hoot! indulgent light reading

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I read this on a recent holiday. A nice easy read that made me laugh, and held my interest.
A perfect holiday read, plenty of giggles, nothing heavy.
Such fun, fun reads.
Barbra, Ashford
I have enjoyed reading all the shopaholic books and have now moved on to her other books. Always cheer me up!
I loved this book, I read it incredibly quickly - and the others in the series too! I agree that they are a comfort read and the perfect pick me up after a bad day (at work or otherwise). Sophie Kinsella is one of a few authors who make me laugh out loud and I sometimes can even recognize mysELFf in Becky - which is a bit worrying. She's also one of the few authors where I eagerly await her next book. If you liked this try Marian Keyes or the Madeleine Wickham novels, they are slightly 'straighter' novels but just as good.
Really enjoyed the whole series, easy to read nothing comlicated.
I read this series out of order but felt that it it didn't matter at the time. I quickly backtracked to this first one not wanting to feel that I had missed anything. Sophie Kinsella is the chocolate bar of authors to me. She offers me comfort food in a book. Although I do consider her books an easy read, I can't wait to get my hands on the next title the moment it is out. I did actually start reading Madeleine Wickham many years ago and didn't pick up Sophie Kinsella knowing that they were one and the same. I would very much like to return to some of her earlier work too. I agree with the comment about feeling guilty, but life is too short. Reading to many is made to feel like such an indulgence, so if that is partly the case why not have the cream scone, instead of the digestive. More shopaholic or anything else please!
I enjoyed this whole series, but agree that the first one was the best! Liked her others also.
I've really enjoyed reading this series but yet always manage to feel slightly guilty as if I should be reading something more intelligent!
I have also read this series but the first one is the best.
i enjoyed this book also

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