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Paula Spencer

by Roddy Doyle

I read this because I thought I should - it being by Roddy Doyle. The hardback edition I read had quite a dull cover, but having seen a paperback edition I thought it might be ok.

It was probably quite worthy, but I'm afraid I didn't find it to be a page-turner.

I did finish it, because I must have cared a bit about Paula and her family so wanted to know what happened to everyone - but next time I'd rather feel less obliged to turn the pages!

Suggested by Alison, Yorkshire

Tagged with: dull moving



I found it readable because it got me inside people from different backgrounds to me, to experience their strengths and struggles and feel empathy for behaviour I might be tempted to look down on in reality. Roddy Doyle is the master of this humanising the lower working classes, but I miss the humour of his 'Barrytown Trilogy' and others, however.
Maria H

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