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by Robert Bloch

How Alfred Hitchcock managed to turn this nasty little potboiler of a novellete into a suspense masterpiece is beyond me. This is the sort of hacked up horror writing that gives the genre a bad name. Taken from a set of lurid headlines the original novel of Psycho unlike some other modern day classics - The Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, The Shining fails to give a good parallel experience alongside the film. I'm nor personally concerned if a title which is turned into a film matches it detail for detail but this is just such a disappointment. My main criticism is the utterly unsympathetic Norman Bates in the novel. The true horror of whats going on in that old house and motel and ultimately Normans mind is expressed so much better in Tony Perkins soulful cadaverous stare rather than Blochs tired writing.

Suggested by Warwick, Brentwood, Essex

Tagged with: great unsympathetic



i didnt like the look of this book but as u say dont duge a book by its cover

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