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The Secret Life of Bees

by Sue Monk Kidd

Lovely story, didn't want it to end. I could compare it in some ways to To Kill a Mockingbird as it covered racism back when it created a divide. Sad in parts. I liked the main character of Lily and felt that I could relate to her through various parts of her life.

Suggested by Ashley, Kent

Tagged with: 60s american, comfortable, engaging, girly, loving. marvellous moral, nature thrilling



I loved this book when I read it a few years ago and could n't believe the bad reviews it got from many people, especially men. Is it a woman's book? The writing was beautiful. I could relate to the lovely cocoon of safety she found with the sisters and found this contrasted so well with the cold bleakness of life with her father. A highly moral story, I thought.
Anita Barr.
I am halfway through reading this book at the moment in tandem with my sister in Australia! Although I am enjoying it, pausing for thought in the middle I would say that it all seems a bit fortuitous for Lily so far. Running away from home and the police can't have been this easy even in the 60s surely? The sap in me is enjoying the way that her hardships are wrapped in cotton wool at the moment and I'm finding it a bit of a no-brainer read as I prefer my literature a bit more brutal when the subject matter is such as this.
I asked a reader if she had enjoyed this as I had loved it. She replied oooh it was full of bees - horrible ! Obviously the bee theme had distracted her from the excellent writing.
Archie Sunderland

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