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In the woods

by Tana French

The book starts off very well with a good detective story which ties up with an old unsolved mystery. Tou become interested in the characters and especially involved in the mystery and life is good! But than the book ends. The mystery remains unsolved and you are left wondering what happened here and why you wasted so much time on this book. Creating a good mystery is only worthwhile if you have a solution. Otherwise what is the point???

Suggested by D S, Maidenhead

Tagged with: boring frustrating intriguing ultimately



I quite enjoyed the book although I too was diappointed that the plot ended abruptly. I read Tana's 2nd (and in my opinion much better) book, The Likeness, which had the same characters and lead me to believe that the storyline may continue in the background of the coming books. I think she has a new novel out at the mo, so hopefully it won't disappoint.
Yes, i agree it was disappointing but i plodded on thinking it was going to get better -shame it didn't. I also found the characters a bit unbelievable especially the relationship between the two detectives...
agree with this review. I enjoyed the book but was so disappointed when it just finished without the reader finding out what had happened to the main character when he was a child. Very frustrating.

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