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by Mary Shelley

This was the most depressing and hard going book I have read. I don't know why I didn't give up on it but i stuck the blooming thing out. It took me weeks. Perhaps I saw it as a challenge. Yawn zzzzzzzzzzz

Suggested by Oggie, Cambridgeshire

Tagged with: dire morose provoking slow thought



I studied this at college, as if it hadn't been broken down into bite-sized chunks for me by my tutor, I think I'd have struggled with it a bit! However I think some of the messages it hints at are interesting.
Sophie L
I had to read this because we were studying it as part of my degree and while I appreciate that in context it was a frightening book written by a woman! Shocker! It really was the most painful reading experience of my life. I wanted to die.
I found the language a challenge to understand, but well worth persevering with. Like Jurassic Park, it approaches and challenges controversial issues and makes you feel empathy you didn't think you would. Any book that can affect people's perception and feelings on modern day issues is well worth a read. Or several.
..I just couldn't face it again lol...I do agree with you though about some parts of it being very sad and what an awful situation the monster was in.
LOL!!! No I love this. The bit at the beginning is a bit dull, but when it gets to the monster's pain and isolation, longing for love ... arhh my heart breaks for him. I loved it. iF you get the chance to read the background to Shelly and her own painful upbringing it may bring another peersepctive, for you.

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