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A Maiden's Grave

by Jeffery Deaver

I'm actually listening to this book on audio cd.
This novel is about a group of 8 deaf school girls who along with their two teachers (one deaf, one not) are taken hostage in an old slaughterhouse by 3 escaped convicts, led by the killer Lou Handy. Handy describes himself as 'stone cold death' and that's exactly what he is. Arthur Potter, a middle aged widower and the Feds' chief hostage negotiator is brought in. So begins a 12 hour siege, in which you never know from minute to minute who has the upper hand in Handy and Potter's negotiations. Handy makes his demands, and threatens to kill 1 innocent girl every hour till he gets them. While trying to get inside Handy's head, Potter must also deal with obnoxious reporters, an assistant DA who causes problems, and armed state troopers some of whom have itchy trigger fingers.
The novel switches between several points of view - Potter, a local sheriff, the head of the SWAT team, the younger teacher, and Handy himself, giving the novel a well rounded feel and letting you get into the heads of different characters with different perspectives.

Suggested by Crime Queen, York

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I am a great fan of Jeffery Deaver and have not read this book so having read the review I have requested it. He is anexcellent writer who keeps you on the edge of your seat. I never want to put the book down.
Geraldine Gibson

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