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Illumination Light

by Alice Hoffman

Illumination Night is not just one book really, it semms to change with each chapter and with each character who narrates something happens and the book shifts its focus. Beginning with an elderley woman who 'falls' out of her bedroom window and is then forced to deal with her brash teenage grandaughter who is sent to care for her and ending with the story of an outcast who finds and looses love, but in between it is full of tales of magic, infidelity, childhood innocence and agoraphobia (of all things) ALthough I had read this book previously I decided to re-read it on holiday and was thrilled to discover all the small points I had forgotten about the first time round, and I read it with almost twice as much enthusiasm as the first read!

Suggested by James Nicol, Peterborough

Tagged with: mesmerising



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