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The Uncommon Reader

by Alan Bennett

I picked this up from my library at around 4pm and had finished it by 5.15pm. I could not have put it down, it's a fairly fast read (only 124 pages) but it is fabulous. The Uncommon Reader is The Queen!

As someone who cannot cook and read, I'd just burn everything! The idea that the Queen's public duties suffer because of her passion for reading was great fun. I could just imagine her hand waving from the coach whilst trying not to lose her place on a page!

Fast paced and full of fun, everyone should read this book...and a great little twist just to finish things off.

Suggested by Jan, Scotland

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This was recommended to me and I have to say it didn't disappoint. A very funny quick read.
I loved this little book too - where does he get his brilliantly funny, unusual ideas ?!
I would agree with all of the above. It is a charming and funny read all the way through. I would hope that this would encourage readers unfamiliar with Alan Bennet's large body of work to check out his back catalogue, anyone who does is in for a treat!
Another fan! A very quick read but so beautifully written & observed & of course quite quirky. I have just recommended it at one of my book groups.
I agree with both Jan and Jack. A wonderful little read and a great twist
Rover and Out
I loved this book. It is, indeed, a quick read and is fun and with a twist at the end. I have recommended it to several people and they felt the same.

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