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We Need To Talk About Kevin

by Lionel Shriver

I great read, very thought provoking. A real journey of discovery. I don't know anyone who didn't enjoy it if they were not put off at the beginning. Keep going and enjoy.

Suggested by Bev Airey, Ingleby Barwick

Tagged with: challening fascinating introspective wordy



I was moved to read this by a friend who raved about it, but sad to say I was unable to finish it. I read about half, and simply couldn't have cared less about the wretched woman. I just didn't believe in her. Life's too short ! I know others who have loved it...but I guess that's what makes the world go round.
Carol in Belfast
I dont think this is a book you could say you enjoyed- fascinated by definitely! It is funny it appears that some readers hate it and cant persevere while others like me find that after the first half of the book cant put it down. I read to 3am to finish it. As the mother I have met kids that you know are just bad so it was interesting to get an insight into them. Our book club will read Lional Shrivers new novel about the american health system. Im looking forward to it
Cat Mc

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