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A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away

by Christopher Brookmyre

Was stuck for whether to put this book here as a travelling companion or in Caught in the middle of... as I've only just started it.

I'm an avid reader listener of audio books while driving and I've just borrowed this one from the library on CD. Trouble with listening while driving is it can be dangerous. I've already once hit a gate post while pulling into my drive as a result of getting over-excited during The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan!

So, having just started A Big Boy Did It..., I'm finding it very hard to follow as all these characters are being introduced without so much as a hint as to who they are and whether they are connected. When you're trying to stay safe on the public highway, you can't be expected to carry in your head who it is whose wife is expecting and who's just blown themselves and a plane-load of innocent passengers to kingdom-come on their way to Norway, and how do these two incidents overlap Very confusing. Perhaps I should give up the audio books for the sake of public safety

Any other avid audio book listeners out there Amazing how the reader's voice can seriously affect your enjoyment of the book.

Suggested by Karen, Great Houghton

Tagged with: cool hilarious puzzling

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If this book really is as good, as you say, i cant wait to read it!!!!!!!!!
Anything Christopher Brookmyre writes is okay by me, his books are always a joy! On the audio front though have to agree, the reader's voice can really spoil the book. I'm listening to Hour Game - David Baldacci at the minute read by John Chancer and I'm sorry to say that his accent is driving me mad! I don't risk listening whilst driving but it's amazing how quickly you get through the ironing and other boring household chores.

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