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The gathering

by Anne Enright

I usually read the Booker winner and have as a result read a range of books. Some have been fantastic books, others have not been for me, but I have been able to understand what others might like about them. This one says on the cover: "Witty, original, inventive...utterly compelling" - I struggled to stay awake reading it, but perserved because some books take a while to get going and I felt that the end may make me understand the point of this book. It didn't, if you struggle with this, I would suggest throwing the book across the room and reading something more interesting like a washing machine manual. This book, is uniquely boring and unengaging with characters who you just don't care about. Why on earth did this even get published!

Suggested by Jenny, Reading

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Boring, crude with very little storyline, tedious. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
On the whole, I agree with Jenny. I found this book a real struggle to read; I really didn't like the characters at all. It's saving grace is that it was beautifully written. I really got into my psyche, which is possibly why i felt compelled to finish it (I normally give up if I'm not enjoying a book - life's too short and I have plenty of other things I want to read). And while a good book doesn't necessarily have to be enjoyable, I found this deeply disturbing. I would hesitate in recommending it to anyone.
Shirley, Melbourne

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