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The Savage Garden

by Mark Mills

Set in Tuscany in 1958 this tells the story of how a young scholar Adam Strickland sets out to unravel the mysteries of the Docci family,their house and beautiful gardens.
It is a thoughtful and evocative murder mystery with a number of twists and turns which captures the atmosphere beautifully.
Well worth the read for any journey.

Suggested by Jo, Wiltshire

Tagged with: dull intriguing tediously



I'm afraid I thought this book was absolutely terrible. Thin-plotted to say the least, and the characters inspired little interest; in fact they were tediously dull, the main character being also rather arrogant and sexist. If I wasn't reading it for a reading group I would have given up after the first couple of chapters. The way Mills created suspense was straight out of the Hammer Horror schoolbook, and the dialogue between characters was completely contrived. Cobbled together to say the least.

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