Taken by more than 11,000 library staff, our courses have transformed library practice across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Our first online course, Frontline, was created in partnership with the Society of Chief Librarians in 2005. Since then it has been subscribed to by 98% of English library services, plus all services in Wales and Northern Ireland, a good number in Scotland and every service in the Republic of Ireland. We have had individual users from New Zealand to Egypt. The State Library of Victoria is currently completing a 3-year rollout to 850 Australian staff.

Our new Skills to Go courses build on the experience and feedback of Frontline users. Five convenient bite-size courses, with lots of illustration and easy navigation, enable you to pick out the skills you want to develop across the workforce.

The international dimension is a real strength of interActive – our course for professional librarians and managers – with a lively discussion board for librarians who work in different countries but share the same commitment to developing new services for their readers.

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