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On-shelf book display

Flat surfaces like tables, window-ledges and help desks can make great spaces for mini-promotions but you need the book to be vertical not horizontal so it can be seen. There’s a unit to fit every size of space in this range.

9 on-shelf book display items
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Transform your non-fiction shelves with our ingenious Zig-zags.

Large Zig-zag Unit

From: £250.00 - £475.00
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Zig-zags offer a great combination of capacity and face-out display.

Small Zig-zag Unit

From: £230.00 - £440.00
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Perfect for non-fiction.

Large Feature Fillers

From: £190.00 - £425.00
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Choose strong covers and single titles displayed face-out on a shelf can have a dramatic effect.

Medium Feature Fillers

From: £180.00 - £400.00
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Our Feature Fillers bring individual titles to the front of the shelf where they are not in shadow.

Small Feature Fillers

From: £170.00 - £375.00
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Convert an eye-level bookshelf to face-forward display for CDs.

CD Tiered Display Unit

From: £95.00 - £280.00
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Face-out display in an instant, transforming any standard shelving into high-volume promotional space at a very low cost.

Feature Shelf

From: £150.00 - £280.00
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