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Examples of Reader Development Action Plans

Vale of Glamorgan Library and Information Service
Reader Development Action Plan 2005-8

This Action Plan is drawn up to secure the future of reader development activity beyond the end of the Estyn Allan project and to ensure that reader development is embedded in future service development strategies and policies.

Reader development is already identified as a priority activity within our service aims and objectives:

Service aims:
• To promote higher standards of literacy and encourage reading for pleasure in all sections of the community
• To support lifelong learning through the role of the library as a gateway to learning
• To empower citizens through the provision of a reliable and impartial Information Service
• To enrich the experience of individuals and communities in the Vale through access to the cultural resources of the past and present

Service objectives:
We have 8 key objectives, with one of these focusing on reader development:

• arranging an on-going programme of events and activities to promote reading

Why do we place such value on reader development?

• To reinforce our libraries’ position as a community focus for reading for all
• To add value to the service we provide our readers by extending our role beyond resource centres to more pro-active support and development of reading activity
• To promote the diversity of reading material available
• To increase our issues and the use of the libraries’ services
• To encourage non traditional users to borrow books and develop a reading habit

The action plan addresses future development at strategic, operational and service delivery levels and by implementing this action plan we intend to:

• Clarify and extend the role our libraries play in developing and supporting people’s reading
• Consolidate and mainstream existing activities
• Create an environment where experimenting with ideas and adopting good practice is encouraged
• Confirm our strategic commitment to reader development


By when

Who responsible

Success Criteria


Secure identifiable revenue budget for reader development projects and access external funding where possible

April 2006

Chief Librarian

Budget identified

Clarify and formalise arrangements for leading and co-ordinating reader development activity

July 2006

Chief Librarian

Responsibilities clarified and agreed

Seek opportunities within local partnerships to develop joint reading based projects

Dec 2007

Senior Staff Team

Joint project(s) identified

Facilitate provision of appropriate staff training opportunities via the South East Wales Libraries’ Training Consortium, and enable staff to engage in other relevant reader development training


Principal Librarian

Training opportunities developed / staff attending

Apply reader development principles in the detailed planning of our new Central Library and in future developments

April 2006

Senior Librarian, Barry / Chief Librarian

Reader development areas in new library

Include reader development activity in our Three Year Library Plan, team plans and all other appropriate service planning documents


Senior Staff Team

At least one reader development activity in each plan


Seek readers’ views on the reader development initiatives they would like us to provide – through a survey or focus group of regular readers


Chief Librarian

Availability of user suggestions and feedback on preferred reader development support

Reader development activities to be included as a regular agenda item at all team meetings

August 2005

Senior Staff Team

Team meeting minutes reflect discussion of reader development items

Investigate ways of involving readers in stock selection


Dec 2007

Bib Services Officer

Most appropriate involvement for readers identified and actioned

Continue a programme of at least 3 stock promotions a year  involving all libraries and backed by professional promotional materials


Bib Services Officer

3 new stock promotions a year

Tie in to a pre-planned selection of national reading campaigns with local promotions and activities


Reader Development Co-ordinator

Calendar of reading campaigns in place

Arrange a programme of at least 3 reader development events a year

March 2007

Reader Development Co-ordinator

3 events held each year

Identify a reader development area in each library appropriate to its size and level of service

March 2008

Library Managers

Reader development facility in every library

Run a pilot library based reading group in one library

March 2006

Reader Development Co-ordinator

One reading group set up

Establish a reader development working group to work with the co-ordinator to develop ideas and put them into practice

Dec 2006

Reader Development Co-ordinator

Group established and meeting regularly is created and managed by Opening the Book
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